Thank you for visiting this blog today.
My name is Shisato. I have been working as an engineer
developing an software of Autonomous driving system in Japan.

In this blog, I write an article as memo about a technology and knowledge
which I studied for my software development and release the articles.

The origin of this blog's name

The title of this blog, EurekaMoments is a technical term in
computer industry.

"Eureka moment" means a moment when it ringed a bell or
the mystery was solved. I decided to use this word as the title of
this blog because all of articles in this blog was written when I
felt that it ringed a bell or my mystery was solved.

Contents of this blog

My interests are control, path planning, object detection and localization,
machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning for robotics,
autonomous driving. Especially, my main assignment is object detection with
LiDAR. RADAR or Camera.
In addition, I'm interested in a technique for software design or development.
The content of my blog is mainly about the above my interests. If you found a mistake in the article or you had an better information about it, please let me
know by a comment or e-mail.

Motivation to write this blog

When I investigate or study a thing what I don't know, I can get an useful
information thanks to a lot of blogs which an excellent engineer wrote in the
This blog is a memo for future self and I hope that this blog is helpful for
people who has same questions as me.

I will continue make an effort that this blog become "eureka moment" for
all of people who read this blog.

Thank you for reading this sentences.

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